Certificate Course in Cyber Law

 (Six Months Autonomous Course)

  • Eligibility :

       12th HSC of any board.

  • Duration:

       Duration of the course shall be 6 Months.

  • Examination and Standard of Passing:

       The candidate has to secure a minimum of 35% of marks in each paper and an aggregate of 50%.

        A candidate securing 60% or above will be declared to have passed in First Class and above 50% will obtain a distinction.

  • Course of Study:

        The Course of Study leading to Cyber Law consists of the following compulsory papers:

Paper I - Fundamentals of Cyber Law                                                

  1. Introduction to Cyber Law                                                                     
  2. Basic legal terms and concepts                                                                  
  3. Legislative Framework                                                                                        
  4. Judicial Framework                                                                                    
  5. Investigative Framework                                                                                                                  


 Paper II – Cyber Crimes 

    1. Violation of Privacy

    2.Cyber Frauds

    3.Computer Source Code

    4.Cyber Pornography

    5.Cyber Terrorism  

    6.Data Privacy & confidentiality


Paper III - Intellectual Property Issues & Cyberspace - Indian Perspective

  1. Computer Software & Copyright Law                                                 
  2. Domain Names & Law
  3. Trademark Issues in Cyberspace
  4. Copyright
  5. Computer Databases & Law
  6. Semiconductor Layout & Design Law


 Paper IV -E-commerce and Legal Issues

  1.  Electronic Contract 
  2. Digital Signatures – technical issues
  3. Software Licenses
  4. Electronic & Digital Signatures – legal issues

** The Syllabus of the program is subject to vary from different colleges as it is an autonomous course.